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Plant Dissection - Parts Of A Plant

This free outdoor science activity is a fun way to get students recognizing the different parts of a plant and learning about their functions. 

There are two options for this activity, one where you take and use a photo of a plant, the other where you find or buy a plant for the students to dissect. 

If using a photo, get the students to go outside and find a plant (with a flower) to take a clear photo of. If you're using a real plant, either buy one from the shop or head outside and find a flower to pick. 

With your photo or real plant, cut out the different parts (stem, leaves, petal, flower) and stick them on the activity sheet (using tape). Cut out and stick or write the correct labels next to the part of the plant. 

This activity packs contains two levels of differentiation.

 - Diff. 1: The activity sheet contains just the plant parts names. 

 - Diff. 2: The activity sheets contains both the plant parts names and their functions. 

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