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Plants: Growth Investigation
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This is a fun, practical, and engaging unit on lifecycles for ages 7 - 12. It contains differentiated activities on the lifecycle of a plant along with a practical investigation looking at the best conditions for plants to grow in. It will teach your class about parts of plants and their functions, what plants need to grow, and reinforce the skills required to carry out a fair investigation.

It’s a great unit to get your class outside and enjoying science!


  • Booklet front cover.
  • 2x ‘The Key To Success’: A practical activity investigating what plants need to grow.
  • ‘What They Need’ Worksheet: A cut and stick activity about what plants need to grow.
  • 2x differentiated ‘Flower Parts – What Do They Do?’ – A matching activity looking at the function of different part of the flower.
  • ‘Where Do Plants Grow The Best?’: Investigation planning sheet.
  • 3x results sheets.
  • 2x differentiated line graph sheets.
  • Conclusion sheet.
Front Cover.pdf
Worksheet - The Key to Success - Diff. 1.pdf
Worksheet - The Key to Success - Diff. 2.pdf
Worksheet - What do they need.pdf
Worksheet - Flower Parts - Diff. 1.pdf
Worksheet - Flower Parts - Diff. 2.pdf
Investigation Planning Sheet.pdf
Results Sheets.pdf
Line Graph Sheet - Diff. 1.pdf
Line Graph Sheet - Diff. 2.pdf
Conclusion Sheet.pdf
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