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Speed Check - Math Investigation
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Become a police officer for a day while students use their measuring, division, and number skills to work out how fast cars are going in a chosen area using formulas and conversions.

For this activity your class will measure out a stretch of road before timing cars and using formulas to figure out the speed that the car is moving. They will collect a set of results in a table before creating a bar graph to clearly represent their data. After the investigation they will be given some evaluation questions to answer about what they've found out.

This is a fantastic real-world math investigation for those aspiring police officers!

Speed Check - Teacher Guide.pdf
Speed Check - Investigation Ideas.pdf
Speed Check - Results Table_ Diff. 1.pdf
Speed Check - Results Table_ Diff. 2.pdf
Speed Check - Bar Chart_ Diff. 1.pdf
Speed Check - Bar Chart_ Diff. 2.pdf
Speed Check - Evaluation Questions_ Diff. 1.pdf
Speed Check - Evaluation Questions_Diff. 2.pdf
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