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STEM Outdoor Challenge Cards
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These 10 outdoor STEM activities are perfect as a stand-alone outdoor team building activity or as a team builder at the start or end of year.

This pack contains 10 challenge cards that you can laminate and use time and time again. Each resource is easy to facilitate, with most challenges only needing a selection of natural resources. We recommend you allow at least 20 minutes for each challenge card, however depending on how you want to use them, students could spend hours on just on one challenge.

We’ve seen them used really well when each team does 1 card per week, spending around 1 hour on each challenge.

Recommended resources in your outdoor space:

- A variety of different sized sticks

- Plants with a variety of different sized leaves (ferns etc.).

- A variety of different sized stones / bricks.

- Wooden benches / chairs etc.

- Logs

- A variety of thin / thick rope and string.

Treasure Hunt - Instruction Writing
Nature Counting - Counting, Addition, and Subtraction