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Story Writing: Story Builder Cards
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This is not exclusively an outdoor resource but it is a great way to get your class to practice story telling and can be easily adapted for use outside of your classroom as described in the resource pack.

Your class will get lost in their imaginations and creativity with this fun and engaging story telling/writing activity. It is a great way to practice creating exciting stories, thinking carefully about describing characters and settings.

The students must select one of each card (character, lives, problem, & solution) and base their stories around the cards that they have chosen.

It is suggested that you spend the first lesson playing with the cards and enjoying telling stories.  In the next lesson your class can then choose four cards, stick them in their books, and do a big write based on the cards that they have chosen.

Teacher Guide.pdf
Character Cards.pdf
Lives Cards.pdf
Problem Cards.pdf
Solution Cards.pdf
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