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Subtraction Boards: Numbers 1 - 20
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Subtraction boards are a fun and practical way for your early learners to practice simple subtraction outside. For this activity they will complete the differentiated questions by collecting the correct amount of objects (shown above question) to represent the subtraction and placing it over the top of the square. 

Once they have completed all four subtractions on the board you can get them to take a photo for a record or write out the subtractions with pictures and answers on some paper. 

This activity is a great physical and visual way to help them understand subtraction in a concrete way. 

It's best to either laminate the boards or print them out on thick card so they can be used multiple times. We leave them in our outdoor space so students can come and choose them as they like during free-flow activities. 

Subtraction Boards Teacher Guide.pdf
Subtraction Boards.pdf
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