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The 3Rs Relay
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This is a great team activity to get children thinking carefully about reducing, reusing, and recycling. They will have to sort statement cards into the correct category in a fun relay game.

Teaching structure:

- Discuss what the '3Rs' are and why they're important.

- Explain that they're going to get into teams of 4 or 5 where they'll put statements into the best fitting category (reusing, reducing, and recycling).

- Have three labeled zones or tubs for each of the '3Rs'.

- Get the children to line up in their teams a good distance from the zones or tubs.

- The first child from each team collects a statement card from the teacher and takes it back to their team. - The team discusses which of the 3Rs the statement fits into before the child runs and puts it in the correct zone / tub then, runs back, and then joins the back of their teams line.

- The next child then runs to collect a new card.

- Do this activity for an agreed amount of time or until all of the statement cards have been used.

- Go through the statement cards to see if they are all correct.

- To add a greater level of competition you can get each team to write or put a colored sticker on each of the cards they collect and then count up how many cards each team got correct.

If you are going to do this with younger students, you may need to read the cards out for them.

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