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The Egg Drop - STEM Activity

The Egg Drop STEM Challenge is a nice variation on the commonly used egg parachute challenge. Your class will work together in small teams, thinking about the best way to protect an egg from being dropped using natural materials. They will be encouraged to think about the properties of different materials, considering which one will work best.

The whole activity is based around a story of an explorer who is trapped in the North Pole and needs food supplies, and of course, his favourite food is egg!

Read the instructions to your class before putting them into groups of 2 or 3. Encourage them to hunt out different natural materials that they think will protect them egg from breaking. Once they have padded out the tubs, give them the egg and see if it works by dropping it from a good height!

To save on money and waste, if an egg does not break, it can be re-used by the following team.

Once the challenge is complete each student can fill in an evaluation sheet.

Resources needed:
- Supply of natural materials in an outdoor space
- Activity sheets
- Small tubs (big 500ml or similar)
- Somewhere high to drop the eggs from (first floor or second floor)

Evaluation Diff. 2.pdfDownload
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