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The Rain Project (poetry, shape, description, data-handling)
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These outdoor lessons get children to work out the perimeter, radius and diameter of puddles. Rain is great fun and no reason to stop outdoor learning. This pack contains cross curricular resources and activities that you can do in the rain. So put those waterproofs on and enjoy the rain!

This resource includes science, literacy, and math activities for ages 7 - 10.

Activities included:

Rain Description: Children will go outside and use adjectives, similes and metaphors to describe what they can see, hear, feel and touch.

Rain poetry: Children will use their descriptions to write a poem about the rain. It's great if they can do this outside using a whiteboard or scrap paper before writing it up in neat inside.

Rain Gauge Investigation: For this investigation children will design and build their own rain gauge to record the amount of rainfall over a decided period of time. It's good to give children the chance to experiment with their ideas, however you may need to give them some guidance. We find this investigation works best when done in teams of 3 or 4. You can use these teams to provide differentiation and support by using mixed ability groups. Once they've collected their rainfall data they can then answer some questions based on their results as well as input their results into a line graph.

Puddle Size: This activity is all about measuring using diameters, radius, and perimeter. Children will find 5 puddles to measure, recording their results onto a line graph before answering some questions on their results. Vibrant Rain: This activity is all about the colors of nature. Children will find different colored natural items, crush them with stones, and use the colors to create some rain art. It's best to print this activity sheet on card so that it does not get too soggy when using the damp natural resources to paint with.

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