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The Underwater Viewer - Pond Life
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This activity gets students exploring the wildlife in your pond by making their very own underwater viewer using just a plastic bottle, some tape, and scissors. It’s a fantastic activity if you’re looking at living things, habitats, or just want to give your students some time to explore this amazing world.

Teaching Structure:

Get the students to make their underwater viewers. Younger students may need help with this.

Give them time to use the viewers to explore the wildlife in your pond. Either during or after exploring they can complete the differentiated sheets recording their observations.

For higher grade levels you can get them to use books and the internet to ID what they see. Please note: There are obvious risks involved with this activity and there must be measures in place.

We suggest getting all students to lie down on an area close to the water level before using the viewers. Check out our risk assessment creator to produce a risk assessment quickly and easily.


Our 'Pond Life ID Cards' are a great to be used with this reource.

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