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Things That Melt - Materials And Their Properties
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This investigation is perfect for that hot summers afternoon where you simply need to get outside on. Students compare items that melt and investigate if these items have a different melting rate. It's perfect if you're looking at states of matter or materials and their properties. 

Teaching Structure: 

This structure can be simplified when doing it with younger children. You may want to simply do the experiment in small groups with an adult to support. There is a very basic results sheet which requires the students to draw what the substances looked like before and after leaving them in the sun for a given time.  

- Ask students if they know what the three states are (solids, liquids, and gases). Can they think of examples for each?

- Explain that we're going to be investigating melting. What causes something to melt? Can they think of any examples? 

- Tell the students that they will be given different items to leave outside and time how long it takes for each one to melt. 

- Get them to complete the investigation sheet. 

- Go outside and carry out the investigation, recording the results in the table (this is best done in small groups). Make sure the students know when they will stop the timer when there's no solid bits left). 

Substances you could use: Ice, chocolate, butter, frozen pop, wax, frozen milk etc.

- Finally, complete the evaluation questions on the results sheet and discuss the results. 

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