Tree Age Investigation

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Tree Age Investigation

The tree age investigation is a great activity if you’re focusing on perimeter, measuring, or data handling. Your class will use a simple formula to figure out the rough age of the trees around your outdoor space, completing some fun challenges, or collecting data to input into graphs.

This resource pack contains two different activities you could do when looking at the ages of trees.

Challenge questions – For this activity your class will figure out the age of trees while completing the different challenges on the sheet.

Data handling – Students will collect data by identifying trees and calculating their age. They will then use this data to complete bar graphs and answer some questions about their findings. Both of these activities work best in pairs as it makes it easier to measure the diameter of trees.

Resources needed:

- Flexible tape measure

- Activity pack sheets

- Calculator

Attached Files:

Teacher Guide.pdf
Growth Factor.pdf
Bar Graph Diff. 1.pdf
Results Table Diff. 1.pdf
Bar Graph Diff. 2.pdf
Results Table Diff. 2.pdf
Challenge Questions.pdf


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