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Tree Poetry
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This poetry and description activity is designed to get students thinking creatively about trees, looking at their features closely and starting to personify the trees. After thinking about different ways to describe their chosen tree they will write a poem using the description and imagery they came up with.

Teaching structure:

- Explain to the students that in pairs they will find their favourite tree and using clay make a face on the trunk. Bigger trunks create better faces!

- First, students design their tree face on the ‘design’ worksheet. - Once their face has been designed, they can create the face on the tree.

- They can then fill in the description sheets. Having a lesson on adjectives and metaphors / similes, and personification before this can be useful.

- Once they have completed their description sheets they can use this to help them write their poems. You can either ask them to focus on a specific form of poetry or let them choose.


Equipment needed:

- Clay

- Design sheet

- Description worksheets

- Poetry templates

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