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Verbs In Action - Verbs Task Cards
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This outdoor verbs lesson is a great way to get students recognizing and using verbs. The activity works nicely as a starter or plenary to your verbs lesson and is designed to get students taking part in physical activity while learning about verbs.

Put the class into pairs and give each a sentence card. One of the pair must read the sentence and point to / circle the verb, if their partner agrees they are correct, they must do the instruction given on the card.

Once they’ve done it, they can swap their card with somebody else and let their partner have a turn. It’s good to let each pair go through a handful of cards before stopping the activity. If they are unsure of the correct answer, make sure they ask an adult for help before completing the instruction.

This pack contains differentiated card levels.

Green cards = Diff. 1 (1 verb per card).

Blue cards = Diff. 2 (2 or more verbs per card).

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