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What Nature Sees
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This activity gets students walking around your outdoor space putting themselves in the shoes of a chosen animal. They’ll think about what that animal might be able to see, hear and feel. It’s a great introduction to diary writing that can be used as a stand alone activity or the lead up to a big write. It also links in nicely with your habitats topic.

Teaching Structure:

- Explain to the students that they are going to go outside and find an animal. It could be anything from a tiny insect to a big bird.

- Tell them that they’re going to imagine they are their chosen animal and think about what that animal might see, hear, and feel. At this point it could be useful to choose one animal to go through together.

- Get them to go off and complete the differentiated sheets.

- After 15 - 20 minutes get them to come back and share what they’ve done with each other.

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