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Wild Stories - Story Telling
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Wild story telling is a great way to let your students' imaginations run wild as they use natural items they find in your outdoor space to plan and tell their very own wild story. It's perfect if you're looking at descriptive language or as a stimulus before they begin to write down their own stories. For this activity they will head outside and collect 6 items that will be used within their story. These items could be imagined into anything from characters in their stories to powerful magical items. Encourage them to collect varied items as this will help when planning their stories.

Once they've got their 6 items they can either tape or draw one item per box on the activity sheet. They must now think about what their item could be within their story. You can either get them to include the items in chronological order or allow them to use them randomly within the story. Once they've planned their story they can get into small groups and use their activity sheet and items to help them as they tell their wild story to others.

This activity is designed to be done verbally while in your outdoor area. They can plan their stories either individually or in pairs.

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