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Animal Crime Scenes: Hedgehog Horror - Living Things Investigation
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Get your detectives hat on with our series of animal crime scene investigations! These activities will teach your students about animals and their habitats as well as developing their observation, problem solving and inferring skills.

Show the students the crime scene and provide them with the suspect cards and crime report, noting anything down that they think is important on the clues sheet. After a few minutes, introduce the clue cards for them to read and analyse.

Once they've collected all the evidence they can create a report stating the causes of death and the evidence they have for this verdict. Each crime scene contains instructions on how to set up the crime scene as well as clue cards, suspect cards and record sheets for the students to complete.

You can choose whether to get the students to complete the suspect cards themselves or fill in the missing gaps by carrying out their own research. There are no wrong or right answers for these investigations. The most important thing is for them to facilitate good discussions between the students.

We have decided our suspect for each investigation which you can choose to reveal if you wish.

Hedgehog Horror Teacher Guide.pdf
Hedgehog Horror Crime Report.pdf
Hedgehog Horror Cut Outs.pdf
Hedgehog Horror Suspect Cards.pdf
Hedgehog Horror Blank Suspect Cards.pdf
Hedgehog Horror Clue Cards.pdf
Hedgehog Horror Clue Record Sheet.pdf
Hedgehog Horror Verdict Worksheet.pdf
Hedgehog Horror Our Verdict.pdf
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