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Ordering Fractions Cards: Finding Common Denominators
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These fraction cards will give your students loads of practice at ordering fractions in a fun and practical way. This pack contains three sets of cards. 

Diff. 1: All of the denominators are the same.

Diff. 2: The denominators are different. 

Diff. 3: The denominators are different and more complicated.

These cards can be used as a whole class or in small groups. There are lots of different variations for this activity; we have listed a few that we like to do below. 

- Go outside and give each child a fraction card. Ask them to get into order smallest to biggest as quickly as possible. To make it more challenging, see if they can do it without talking. 

- Scavenger Hunt: Hide the cards around your outdoor space and get them to find the cards and order them as quickly as possible. 

- Small groups. Give a set of cards to small groups and get them to hang them on a washing line from smallest to biggest. 

Ordering Fractions Teacher Guide.pdf
Ordering Fractions Set 1.pdf
Ordering Fractions Set 2.pdf
Ordering Fractions Set 3.pdf
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