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Autumn Acrostic Poetry

Autumn is a wonderful time of year where there are a lot of changes happening. This can be a fantastic opportunity to look at poetry and description. These lessons will get your students looking at descriptive language and adjectives to describe the world around them through an acrostic poem. 

They will look at adjectives and other descriptive techniques to describe autumn before writing their own acrostic poems.

Part 1: Get the students to go outside to find the most interesting leaf they can. They will then stick the leaf in the middle of the worksheet and write adjectives / descriptive phrases around the outside to describe the leaf. 

Part 2: This lesson is all about thinking of adjectives and descriptive phrases to describe Autumn. They must find somewhere outside (ideally around trees) and use their descriptive language techniques to describe the changes happening in autumn. 

Part 3: It's now time for the students to write their acrostic poems using the descriptive language they've been looking at. This pack contains a few different poem templates for them to use. 

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