Data Handling: Snail Race

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Data Handling: Snail Race

A fun data handling focused maths investigation that will give your class the chance to do some hands-on learning outdoors. The students will race snails in order to collect some simple data that they will use to create a line-graph before analyzing the results and answering a few questions.

This activity is a fantastic way to introduce data handling as well as reinforcing other mathematical skills such as measuring.

Attached Files:

Instruction Sheet.pdfDownload 
Results Table - Diff. 1.pdfDownload 
Results Table - Diff. 2.pdfDownload 
Results Table - Diff. 3.pdfDownload 
Line Graph - DIff. 1.pdfDownload 
Line Graph - Diff. 2.pdfDownload 
Question Sheet (US Spelling).pdfDownload 
Question Sheet (British Spelling).pdfDownload 


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