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Long Jump Subtraction

Long jump subtraction is a fun and practical way for students to get loads of practice with subtraction using the column method while improving their measuring skills. For this outdoor math activity they will perform and measure two long jumps, either by themselves or with a partner and see the difference in distance between the jumps by using column subtraction.

For this activity students need to understand how to use the column method for subtraction before taking part in the activity.

Teaching Method:

- Go through the column method for subtraction with the students.

- Explain that they will be going outside in partners to see how far they can jump and who can jump the furthest.

- Partner 1 jumps and partner 2 measures how far they've jumped. They then swap over and complete the jump before using column subtraction to see the difference in the distances they've jumped.

- This can be done multiple times for them to get lots of practice with column subtraction. This activity can be differentiated by getting students to measure to multiple decimal places.

Equipment needed: -

Tape measure / equivalent

- Activity sheets

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