Magical Nature Characters: Ages 7 – 12

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Magical Nature Characters: Ages 7 - 12

This activity gets students to use their imagination to change things they can find outside into weird and wonderful creations. It can be used really effectively when designing characters before writing a story. Each student will choose a small natural item and place it in the first column of the table. Encourage them to spend some time looking at all the small details - it is great if they can use a magnifying glass when doing this.

Next, they will re-create their item in the middle column. This could be done through a variety of ways (pencil drawing, coloring, chalk, etc.). Next they will use their imaginations to bring their item to life by drawing their new character in the next column.

Finally they will describe their character by thinking of adjectives, or some descriptive sentences. It can be good to encourage the use of similes and metaphors here.

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