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Camouflage Worm Hunt - Animal Adaptations Lesson

This camouflage worm activity is great to teach your students the importance of camouflage in nature. It's a very simple yet effective activity that clearly shows how animals are colored to suite their environment.

Teaching Guide:

- Before the lesson cut lots of different colored wool into 10cm lengths. Hide the wool around your outdoor space.

- Discuss what the word camouflage means and explain that they are going to look into what it is and why it's important.

- Tell the students that for the next 15 minutes (approx.) they are going to be birds on the hunt for some yummy woollen worms!

Let them go outside and hunt as many of the woollen strips as possible.

- Once you're back in the class get the students to discuss what they discovered when trying to find the wool. Which colors were hard to find? What can this tell us about the color of animals which may live in that area?

- If appropriate, get students to complete the question sheet to encourage them to think about what camouflage is and why it's so important in nature.

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