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Evaporation: Investigation

Explore the magic that is evaporation, and states of matter, with this fun investigation. The Magic Puddle Investigation will get your class improving their scientific investigation skills while thinking about the process of evaporation.

It is best to do this activity on a sunny day.


  • Instructions sheet.
  • The background story (to get your class motivated).
  • Results table.
  • 3 x differentiated line graph sheets.
  • 2 x differentiated conclusion sheets.
Evaporation - Background Story.pdfDownload
Evaporation - Instructions.pdfDownload
Evaporation - Results Table.pdfDownload
Evaporation - Line Graph - Dif. 1.pdfDownload
Evaporation - Line Graph - Dif. 2.pdfDownload
Evaporation - Line Graph - Dif. 3.pdfDownload
Evaporation - Conclusion Sheet - Dif. 1.pdfDownload
Evaporation - Conclusion Sheet - Dif. 2.pdfDownload
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