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Texture Explorer - Scavenger Hunt
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This activity is all about students exploring different textures in the world around them. Don’t be afraid of students getting muddy during this activity! Explain to your class what the word ‘texture’ means and that they will be exploring all sorts of different textures in your outdoor space.

Give them the table and go through each texture, giving them a chance to check they know the meaning of each one. Once they are ready, wearing clothes that can get a bit wet and muddy, get them to go outside and try to find each of the textures in the table, drawing or writing down their findings.

Diff. 1 – Textures are already filled in on the table.

Diff. 2 – To give students more of a challenge, they can fill in different textures they can think of before heading outside. For students who need more support, this activity can be done in small groups with adult support.

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